Experienced Rides

Catch, brush and saddle your horse with the help and guidance of our Chapman Valley Horse Riding Guides. Then hit the trails with a small group of like-minded experienced horse riders. Select from a 2 hour or 4 hour trail ride, both with plenty of long trots and canters.

2 hours
Per Person
Experienced Riders only 2 hours


4 hours
Per Person
Experienced Riders only 4 hours


Experienced Horse Riding Sydney

Allow an extra 2 hours (1hr before, 1hr after) to your ride time for catching, grooming, saddling, trail ride, unsaddling and hosing down. The horses at CVHR are well mannered and easy to handle. They do not get hot (fizzy) and do not anticipate certain speeds in certain locations.

Available Dates:

27th January – 9am (2hrs) – New Date!

~More dates for 2018 coming soon!~
Please note we do not run the 4hr rides in Summer. Sorry! 🙁

To Book:

Click the link below, and select the date you’d like to ride.

More Information

Experienced riders have usually ridden more than 100 times. To attend this ride you MUST be able to fully control your horse in a (rising) trot and canter, in a group of horses over all types of terrain – and have a moderate level of fitness to trot/canter for long periods. For your own safety and the safety of others, please be honest about your riding ability.

Not quite up to that level? Feel free to join one of our everyday rides, which also have the opportunity to learn to trot and canter.

What to bring

Long pants (jeans or jodphurs) and enclosed shoes with a heel (boots) are essential. We recommend you bring a hat, sunscreen, water and snacks – and also a change of clothes and shoes as you may get wet when hosing the horses down!
Please note, hosing down is weather dependent.