Owned by the Chapman Family for 6 Generations!

The Chapman Family have owned this property for over 170 years. It is owned and run by fifth-generation Peter, his wife Mary, and his daughter Jess.

We pride our horses in being of the best quality in the area. They are kept active, not only physically but also mentally, meaning you won’t be saddled with a horse that is bored of trekking the same path over and over. We offer our horses variety every day, keeping them happy and supple, so they will listen to your every command! That’s why you should book with us!

Not only are our horses of top quality, but our prices are extremely reasonable! We offer cheap horse riding for those on a budget, with a higher quality standard than most horse riding places!

Chapman Valley is an actively working farm running hundreds of Beef cattle throughout the property. We offer you the opportunity to witness our farm in action on your trail ride; to see the cattle grazing in the paddocks, Kangaroos hopping by and perhaps even see a newborn calf!

Whether you’re just filling in time on your way down the Putty Road, or you want a full day riding we have the ride for you! Chapman Valley Horse Riding offers something for every riding level, whether you have never been on a horse or you’ve been riding all your life, we can cater for you and make your experience with us and our horses enjoyable.

Our horses are quiet, reliable and well trained, and love every minute of the riding as much as you do.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to come and relax in the great Aussie bush on your trusty steed, and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind you.

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Our History

Chapman Valley was originally taken up by Robert Chapman and his wife Mary, when they travelled from England in search of land in 1840. They must have seen something very special in this valley as they initially took up 15,000acres.

When Robert passed away he split the property in two, dividing it between two of his sons. The western side is still owned today by Robert’s great-great grandson, and will one day be passed down to the sixth generation…and so it continues!