What's Happening at Chapman Valley...

Kid's School Holiday Camp

Own your own horse for a day! Learn to catch, groom, saddle and ride on this day jam-packed full of fun and horsey-game! Camps for beginners and intermediate levels of rider.

Adult's Horse Camps

Why should kids have all the fun? Immerse yourself in the joy of horse-ownership, with our new super-fun Adult Horse Camps! A great mix of horsemanship and handling lessons, aswell as Mounted Games and Trail rides.

2-Day Cattle Round-Up

Get a real taste of the Australian bush with this two day Horseback adventure.
This two day, one night Horse Ride offers a wide variety of terrain and views, covering almost 60kms in two days.

Experienced Rider's Treks

Hit the trails with a group of like-minded experienced horse riders, for a truly exhilarating ride, full of long trots and canters. Spread out, and feel the freedom of riding a well trained, responsive horse!

Horse Riding Sydney!

A cruisy 2 hour drive from Sydney, perfect for a day trip or combined with a weekend in the Hunter Valley. See what the real Australian bush is like, from the back of a horse!