Please note for the purposes of the Terms and Conditions, ‘CVHR’ refers to ‘Chapman Valley Horse Riding’


  • Full payment is required at time of booking via credit card, PayPal or Direct Deposit. Bookings will not be guaranteed nor confirmed until payment has been made in full.
  • Exception – when booking with a voucher, voucher number is required to hold booking.

Changes & Cancellations

  • All changes to rides including cancellations, numbers of riders, rider details and time of ride must be made 48 hours* prior to commencement of ride, otherwise full payment is lost and/or voucher(s) void.
  • Cancellations made earlier than 48 hours* to departure will be refunded, less a 20% Administration Fee.
  • Rides can be rescheduled a maximum of 3 times. After this, no refunds or further rescheduling will be given.
  • * The cancellation window extends to seven (7) days (168 hours) in busy periods, such as School Holidays, Long Weekends and Public Holidays. All changes and cancellations must be made in writing at least seven days in advance, otherwise full payment is forfeited.
  • We ask for bookings to be made at least 72 hours in advance – however bookings made within the 48 hour period prior to a departure time are still subject to the above mentioned cancellation policy.
  • CVHR reserves the right to cancel a ride for any reason, including but not limited to weather conditions, safety, security, or minimum numbers not being achieved (2ppl required). In this event bookings can be rescheduled, or refunded in the form of a gift voucher.
  • Rides are limited to a maximum of six people per session, and require a minimum of 2 people for a ride to depart.
  • Although CVHR will endeavor to contact participants if rides are cancelled, it remains the responsibility of the participant to confirm rides prior to arriving at CVHR.
  • Bookings may be transferred to another person with no penalties so long as CVHR is notified more than 48hours prior to commencement of ride, and no changes are made to ride numbers or the booking date and time.

Ride Rules

  • Rides will depart at the designated ‘departure’ time. We cannot wait for late arrivals, and require you to arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your ride. If you arrive late no refunds will be given. This is to cover costs of employing extra staff and wasted time.
  • CVHR reserves the right to refuse entry to the property or access to our horses at any time for any reason we see fit.
  • All rides will go at the pace of the most inexperienced rider. This is to ensure everyone can enjoy the ride, and all riders have complete control of their mounts.
  • Should the instructors feel riders are acting in an unsafe manner, or if riders fail to listen to instructions, CVHR has the right to end the ride immediately. CVHR instructors have the authority to remove said rider(s) from their horse.
  • “If you can’t see us, we can’t see you”. All riders must remain in sight of instructors at all times.
  • Instructors are here to help and make your ride safe and enjoyable. Riders must listen to all directions given by instructors.
  • Instructors are the only ones permitted to open and close gates during trail rides.
  • CVHR will designate a horse to each rider – horses are selected based on riders’ height, weight, and experience level. We know you’ll have lots of fun regardless of which horse you ride!
  • Approach all horses in a respectful manner. Although all of our horses are friendly, please approach them in a safe and respectful manner.
  • Running, yelling, screaming, etc. around horses is not permitted. Please do not approach horses from behind.
  • Anyone who participates in activities with us permits us to add their e-mail to a mailing list for monthly electronic newsletters and/or advertising purposes.


  • Payment is to be made by all parties on entry of the property, if not paid in advance.
  • At least one representative must sign the waiver sheet on entry of the property. This representative must also relay the risks of camping in Australian Bushland to the rest of their camping party.
  • Cancellations or Changes to Campsite bookings receive no penalty – EXCEPT on long weekends and public holidays. Any changes to bookings for long weekends or public holidays must be made at least seven (7) days in advance.
  • By making a campsite booking, you agree to these conditions and acknowledge that refunds will not be given for late cancellations, and/or do permit CVHR to charge credit cards for the balance of the campsite reservation.
  • Cancellations and/or changes to bookings must be done via email.

Experienced Rides

Those found to be participating in our specially labelled “Experienced Rides” and not capable of a safe and controlled trot and canter will be returned back to home base -with no refund. This is for your own safety and the enjoyment of the other guests on the ride. The instructor’s decision is final.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.