Here are our most commonly asked camping questions – and their answers!

Can we have a campfire?

Maybe. This depends on the season and local fire restrictions. Please ask when you arrive and we will let you know based on the current conditions. We sell firewood for $10 per bag, or you can collect fallen timber from around your campsite.

Do we have to book Horse Riding?

Yes. Our horse rides book out on weekends, so to save disappointment please book your horse ride as early as possible.

Are there rivers on the property?

No. But there is a small sand based creek and plenty of dams to camp near.

How do I pay?

We take credit/debit card details on booking for security, and charge a $10 holding deposit, but we ask that you bring cash to pay the outstanding amount on arrival.

Can we bring bikes?

Pushbikes, yes. Motorbikes, no.
If you do come across the horses on your adventures, just stop and wait for them to ride past.

Can I bring my dog, and do they need to be on a leash?

Your dog is most welcome to join you on your camping trip. We ask that dogs are on a leash around the home base. However, you’re welcome to have them off leash at your campsite (if you’re camping ‘out the back’). Please do not let them chase the cattle or run into other campsites.

Is there rubbish disposal on site?

No. Please take all rubbish with you. Fines apply if campsites are littered – and this includes toilet waste.

Does it cost extra to bring a camper-trailer or caravan?

No. We charge only for the people entering the campsite ($10 per adult, per night. Kids 16yo and under, free).

Do we have to bring water?

Yes, for drinking. We do have non-potable water available for bathing and washing dishes.

Can my friends arrive at different times to me?

Yes. If it’s within daylight hours we can direct them to your campsite.

Is there phone coverage on the property?

Most often, no. There are small patches of coverage but it’s best not to rely on it. Driving in, you’ll lose coverage about 1 hour out from us.

How do I book a campsite?

Here’s a helpful guide that we wrote to guide you through the booking process: How to Book a Campsite

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