Trail Rides

At Chapman Valley Horse Riding, we believe everyone should have the chance to ride a horse, so we try to keep our prices as low as possible.

Please note, in the interest of our rider’s and horse’s comfort and safety, we have a weight limit of 100kg.

Need help choosing which ride to book? Checkout this page: Choosing Which Ride to Book.

IMPORTANT – Our prices are changing as of Jan 1st, 2017. Prices found in brochures may not be current. All pricing on this page is current and correct.

1 hour
Per Person
(minimum age 5y.o)
(walking pace only)

The 1 hour ride is best suited to families who want to ride together. Long enough so mum and dad can get some riding time, but still short enough for the kids to come along.

We recommend this ride for parents and children 5yo-9yo

2 hours
Per Person
(minimum age 10y.o)

Short on time? Haven’t been in the saddle for a while? Or just want to have a small taste of the Chapman Valley experience? Then this is the ride for you. Take one of our shorter trails through the property.

We recommend this ride for beginnners

Half Day (4 Hours)
Per Person
(minimum age 12y.o – Includes snacks & drinks)

The ultimate ride for the traveller, the half day ride gives you the experience of the Aussie bush, but will still allow you enough time to travel onto your next destination for the day.

We recommend this ride for moderate riders, or beginners with a moderate level of fitness

Full Day (6 Hours)
Per Person
(minimum age 15y.o – Includes packed lunch & drink)

Experience the Aussie bush at it’s best just like our ancestors did with a full day in the saddle (not recommended for beginners). We ride through valleys, along mountain ridges and through open paddocks to show you the best Chapman Valley has to offer!

We recommend this ride for moderate to experienced riders

Experienced Rides

Catch, brush and saddle your horse with the help and guidance of our Chapman Valley Horse Riding Guides. Then hit the trails with a small group of like-minded experienced horse riders. 2 and 4 hour trail rides with plenty of long trots and canters.

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Picnic Hampers

Why not add a picnic to your ride?

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3 Day Cattle Musters

Join us on our cattle round-up!

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Get Your Gift Voucher Now

Looking for the perfect Birthday or Christmas gift? We offer gift vouchers for all of our rides. Simply contact us and let us know what you would like. Not sure what they’d like? We can help you decide on the perfect gift!

Children Led Rides

Children Led Rides
Per 15 Mins
(Minimum age 3y.o)

Led rides are available for younger children, where the horse is led by hand by a Chapman Valley staff member.

The led rides are available for children over 3 years old, but for safety reasons a parent or guardian is required to walk alongside to hold any children under 4 years of age.


Free Range Riding – Bring Your Own Horse

Chapman Valley Horse Riding now welcomes you to bring your own horse! You can now spend all day roaming with your favourite four-legged friend across our massive 8,000 acres of land – and camp for free!

Holiday with your Horse for only $40 per horse, per day. For information and inclusions checkout our Holiday with your Horse page.

Private Guided Trail Rides

Planning a special day for that special person? Or perhaps you just want to tailor the ride to your riding skill level?

Please contact us for pricing and to arrange Private rides. It’s best to book these as early as possible to ensure we aren’t already booked out!


Why not bring your camping gear and make a weekend out of it?

$10 per adult, per night – kids under 16yrs are free! See more about our camping!